Green Oak Memorial Benches

Green Oak is known for its strength and durability, which makes it the ideal choice when it comes to making memorial benches.  Memorial benches need to withstand all types of weather and it will last for many years to come. Over time it will season and age gracefully to a beautiful silver colour. This is one of the reasons why all of Chris Nangle’s memorial benches are made using this great English wood.

Lawley Memorial Bench

The reason the timber is called ‘green’ oak is because the timbers moisture content is greater than its fibre saturation point. To explain this further, wood contains two types of water: ‘free’ water which sits in the cell cavities, and ‘bound’ water which sits within the cell walls. Oak has high water content in both, but once felled (cut down); it will lose all its ‘free water’ but still keep its ‘bound’ water for some time.  Oak will still lose this ‘bound’ water but very slowly over time.  On average it will lose an inch per thickness per year which helps with shrinkage and wood distortion.  When working with timber it’s important to understand how it will behave when drying so this is another reason green oak is ideal to us work with.

Green Oak Memorial Benches

For memorial benches it is an ideal wood because due to this high moisture content, it is naturally strong and very resistant to shrinkage, distortion and decay.  You do not need any chemicals to treat or preserve the wood which makes it maintenance free. It will last and look great for many years to come

Another important reason why we only use green oak is because we are aware of our carbon footprint.  We want to keep this as minimal as possible. We never import tropical wood and only use locally native hardwoods sourced from well-managed woodlands.  The timber is also is sawn by our local mill. Green oak is the only natural choice for eco friendly outdoor memorial furniture.