How to Word a Memorable Memorial Dedication

Writing a memorable memorial dedication for someone’s memorial headstone or plaque can be very difficult to do.  Even people who are good with words can struggle when it comes to writing inscriptions and verses for a loved one when the time actually comes. We have put together some tips and advice for you on how to word a dedication, which should help you on your way.

Once you know what size plaque you have got or the maximum amount of words you can use, you can then go about thinking what you want to say.  If the person deceased did not leave any thoughts on their own epitaph then you will have to work out which is most suitable.  Getting together with family and friends can help you get a picture of what you think they would like to written and of course what family and friends would like it to say.

Traditional Dedications

The traditional memorial inscription needs a name, dates, bible verse and quotes. Most start with wording with a phrase such as “In Loving Memory Of” or “Always in Our Hearts”. Here are some more variations for you to consider:

In Remembrance Of Precious Are The Memories Of
In Ever Loving Memory Of Sacred To The Memory Of
Precious Memories Of Remembered Always
Never Forgotten With Love We Remember
Cherished Memories Of Treasured Memories Of
Always in our Hearts Never Forgotten
Remembered with Love Dearly Loved
Forever in our Hearts In God’s Care
Fond memories Of Remembered Forever

Next comes the name.  Remember to check the spelling and include a nick name if they were commonly known by it. Sometimes its appropriate to add a maiden name:

In Loving Memory Of
Cherished Memories Of
(nee Johnson)

Next to remember is to include the full date of the death and either the person’s age or the birth date.  With the date you can use words to lead up to this such as “Passed Away” or “Tragically Taken From Us” if that is more appropriate.

Tragically Taken From Us
1st January 2009
Fell Asleep 21st January 2010
Aged 84


Next can come a mention of family, such as “A Dearly Loved Mum, & Sister Beloved Wife Of” or “Devoted Husband, Father & Grandfather”.

Below are some more openings and ending quotes.

Until we meet again Loved and remembered
An inspiration to all May his memory be eternal
Safe in the arms of Jesus Into the sunshine
Uncompromisingly unique Generous of heart, constant of faith
In everliving memory of She walked in beauty
Gone but Never Forgotten Night, Night, God Bless
Beautiful Memories Left Behind A Faithful Friend

Some full examples of typical memorial dedications are:


In Loving Memory Of
Devoted Husband,
Father & Grandfather
Died 9th Feb 2014
Aged 87 Years
In Loving Memory Of
My Dearest Wife And A
Devoted Mother
Sheila Hood
14.9.1950 – 23.5.2013
Resting Peacefully
In loving Memory Of
Our Dear Daughter
Tragically Taken From Us
1st Jan. 2010
Aged 26 Years
With Love We Remember
(nee Johnson)
Died 28th May 2012
Aged 87 Years
Dearly loved Mother, Grandmother
Beloved wife Of
In loving Memory Of
Our little Princess
Fell Asleep 13th Feb 2010
Aged 6 Years
Safe in the arms of Jesus
With Love We Remember
Died 28th June 2009
Aged 89 Years
Dearly loved Father, Husband & Grandfather
Loved and remembered



Below are some examples of some verses which might be appropriate for you to use:


Deep In My Heart You
Will Always Stay
Loved and Remembered
Gone Are The Days We
Used to Share
But in Our Hearts You’re
Always There
Your Love Will Light My Way
Your Memory Will Ever Be With Me
She Lives With Us In Memory
And Will For Ever More
Your Presence We Miss,
Your Memory We Treasure,
Loving You Always,
Forgetting You Never.
We can’t Have Old Days Back
When We Were All Together.
But Secret Tears and Loving Thoughts
Will Be With Us Forever.
When a Loved One Becomes a Memory
That Memory Becomes a Treasure.
Happy Times When We Were Together
Hold Memories That Will last Forever
Your Life Was a Blessing
Your Memory a Treasure
You are Loved Beyond Words
And Missed Beyond Measure
Tenderly We Treasure the Past
With Memories That Will Always Last.
We Think of You in Silence
We Often Speak Your Name
What Would We Give To Hear your Voice
And See Your Face Again
Though Absent You Are Always Near
Still Loved, Still Missed, Still Very Dear


Unique Ideas for Memorable Memorial Dedications

For a unique memorable dedication you need to think about the person and what was unique to them. This is when getting together with family and friends is a good idea.  You can all have a brain storm and get some notes written down.

Humorous Memorial Dedications

Perhaps the deceased person was well known for his or her sense of humour in which case a funny inscription could be more appropriate. Something like “I told you I was Sick” or some joke which is relevant to a deceased.  A golfer with a sense of humour might like on their grave stone or plaque “At last a hole in one”.

Musical Lyrics

If your loved one had a favourite song, a nice idea it so use some of the lyrics in the words.  Using the chorus or some of the lyrics which represent that person is always a good choice.  Anyone familiar with the song will understand that it was meaningful to your loved one.

Other Ideas

Other options include including religious text found from the Bible or Koran.  Meaningful words from movies, or an admired person from history.  Perhaps they had a favourite saying which might be quite fitting. Or try to write your own unique poem

Custom Memorial Dedication

An artist can help you create something really personal and unique.  Perhaps the person just loved birds and you want a border with birds to make it unique.  You can get artists which will carve head stone or carve into wood or brass depending on what you need inscribing. Photographs can be used with headstones these days and there are many companies which will customise your head stone with a photograph.


Another thing to remember is to give the person credit for an accomplishment.  Sometimes memorial plaques are placed at a specific location for a reason,  this reason need to be made clear.  If a plaque is being placed to dedicated a building or site this is where the wording “In Honor Of” is most applicable.