Do we need permission too install a memorial bench?

Yes you will need to gain permission too install a memorial bench in a public space, often the, local council or parish church will be able too provide you with the details needed too do this, if the bench is due too be fitted on private land it is imperative too gain permission from the land owner.

Who arranges delivery?

We offer a complete service once we have made your bench we arrange delivery at a convenient time for you either by our driver or by secure currier

Where are your benches made?

All of our benches are bespoke made by craftsmen from start too finish in our Shropshire workshop, as we make each bench too order we are more then happy too alter any of our designs too fit your needs, our craftsmen take great pride in there work ensuring a top quality hand made product

Do you carve inscriptions?

We hand carve all of our benches using traditional skills, as we hand layout and carve the work we are able too carve any custom font hand carved letters are far superior too machine routed inscriptions, we are also able too carve images onto the work please see our gallery of images on our carving page for more information

Do we need too treat the benches?

No We recommend leaving the benches too season naturally over time they will weather to a silver grey, our benches are made from much thicker sections than cheaper imported benches too with stand the rigours of a British winter any of our memorial benches will last in excess of 25 years